Why attend IFAC World Congress 2026?
Embrace the Scale
IFAC World Congress (WC) stands as one of the most significant gatherings in the control society, attracting thousands of attendees and showcasing the latest advances in control technologies. By participating in this large-scale conference, your research will receive a significant spotlight from enthusiastic audiences, including those who may not be familiar with your specific field of expertise. Seize this in-person opportunity for strong communication and valuable feedback, particularly in the post-COVID era.
Immerse in a Creative City
Hosted in Busan, a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, IFAC WC 2026 allows you to explore one of the most innovative cities in the world. Busan is renowned as the birthplace of K-cultures, providing a vibrant atmosphere ripe with creativity. The city's stunning landscapes, including beautiful beaches and mountains near the conference venue, serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Embarking on a trip to this dynamic city will invigorate your research and enrich your daily life.
Witness Korea's Remarkable Development
Korea has undergone remarkable progress in economics, technology, and culture over the past decades. IFAC WC 2026 offers a renewed experience for both first-time visitors to Korea and those who remember the previous IFAC WC held in Seoul, 2008. By attending this conference, you will witness firsthand the developmental achievements of Korea, gaining valuable insights into its advancements and contributing to the global exchange of knowledge.
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